Business Intelligence development


Business Intelligence

We have been rendering end-to-end business intelligence (BI) services that include consulting and development, data visualization and reporting, health check and testing to help businesses stop the guesswork and benefit from informed decision-making. We treat every project individually and select the services that cover our customer’s business needs best.

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Comprehensive Business Intelligence services include


    BI Consulting

    We help our customers develop a BI strategy, ensure data quality, design or optimize BI architecture and automate reporting to satisfy our customers’ needs in informed decision-making and maximize the ROI of a BI project..


    BI Development

    We provide our customers with a robust BI environment. Depending on our customer’s business needs, our BI services cover hardware consulting, suggesting a stack of technologies, developing a data warehouse, setting up ETL and data cleaning processes, delivering OLAP/ROLAP systems, as well as selling software licenses..


    Dashboard & Virtualization

    With data visualization in our portfolio of BI services, we help our customers look beyond the figures, focus on the important information and immediately spot any changes and trends. Besides, we tailor reports and dashboards to user roles, solve security challenges, develop versions for mobile devices.d.


    Endpoint management

    Client and server endpoints are managed as one estate, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and employee productivity.



    We not only develop a BI solution, but also make sure that it runs as intended. For this reason, we deliver a data warehouse and ETL testing, OLAP and report testing, as well as load and performance testing..


    BI Health Check

    We support those customers who already have a BI solution in place but aren’t sure if they make the most of it. We can audit the solution to find out if the technologies used are compatible, if the processes work properly, if there are any possibilities for improvement.


Common challenges our clients experience

  • BI Strategy Design

    Challenges: You decided to start a BI project from scratch or you are on the verge of an important change, for example, a merger or an acquisition, but you are not sure what steps you should take.

  • Implementation

    Challenges: You have a vision of a future BI solution, but are not sure how to bring it to life. Or you have flexibility problems with your current BI solution, which leads to your IT department getting endless requests for custom reports.

  • Intergration

    Challenge: Your users have to constantly switch numerous tools to perform different analytical tasks. Sometimes, they even spot mismatches in the reports they get.

  • Optimization

    Challenge: Your BI system has become out-of-date and doesn’t cope with satisfying your current needs.

  • Data Governance & Data Quality

    Challenge: You have to make business decisions relying on the reports that you don’t fully trust. You can’t be sure that your data is complete, up-to-date and error-free.

  • Customization

    Challenge: Your BI solution lacks business-critical functionality. For example, a revenue report is tuned for only one of many business directions your company runs.

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John H. Bedard, Jr